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Research Projects

The RTG focuses on the characterization of transport processes at a molecular level and the interaction of transport proteins with membranes. This highly challenging research field has a strong medical impact and the perspective of future growth. The aim of the RTG is to excellently qualify doctoral researchers by providing cutting-edge education and by strengthening interdisciplinary research in the field of ‘Transport across and into membranes’. The availability of manifold techniques within the RTG creates an excellent platform that enables doctoral researchers to acquire a broad spectrum of unique skills, providing them a wide selective advantage within the competitive job-market for scientists.


P1 Unusual ammonium transporters

Principal investigator: Susana Andrade

P2 Import and export and secondary metabolite production

Principal investigator: Andreas Bechthold

P3 Novel factors involved in transport of proteins to respiratory chain complexes
     (until 06/2020)

Principal investigator: Thomas Becker

P4 Structure and function of secondary transport proteins

Principal investigator: Oliver Einsle

P5 Proton translocation by respiratory complex I

Principal investigator: Thorsten Friedrich 

P6 Lipid bilayer effects on membrane transport in biophysics and pharmaceutics

Principal investigator: Heiko Heerklotz

P7 The role of structural lipids for proton translocation by respiratory complexes

Principal investigator: Carola Hunte

P8 Cellular mechanisms of copper transport and delivery to cytochrome oxidase

Principal investigator: Hans-Georg Koch

P9 Unterstanding transport through ion channels by molecular dynamics simulations and thermodynamic integration

Principal investigator: Thorsten Koslowski

P10 Protein transport across and into the mitochondrial outer membrane

Principal investigator: Chris Meisinger

P11 Liposomal delivery of bacteriophages to target intracellular bacterial pathogens

Principal investigator: Winfried Römer

P12 Stoichiometry of heteromeric assemblies across TRP channel families (until 12/2020)

Principal investigator: Maximilian Ulbrich

P13 Transport processes across peroxisomal membranes

Principal investigator: Bettina Warscheid


Novel Projects


P14 Mycobacterial Membrane Transporter – An Entry Way for Therapeutic Intervention (starting 07/2020)

Principal investigator: Claudia Jessen-Trefzer


P15 Elucidation of the mechanism and biological role of selected GPCRs (starting 01/2021)

Principal investigator: Stefan Günther