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Quality Management

The organization of the RTG is tightly structured and thus providing an effective quality management that leads to transparent decision processes.

Managing committee

The managing committee is responsible for the curriculum of the RTG and the evaluation of the courses and events. It provides the outcome of the evaluation of all courses, reports about past activities and submits suggestions for future improvements to the plenary assembly. The managing committee consists of the speaker of the RTG, three further principal investigators, two doctoral researchers, and the coordinator.

Admission committee

The admission committee is responsible for the entire selection process. In particular, the committee takes care that the selection is transparent, gender balanced and a guarantor for the excellence of the admitted students. The admission committee consists of all principal investigators of the RTG and the coordinator.

Plenary assembly

The plenary assembly discusses the progress of the program and of the individual projects. It elects the members of the managing committee. The plenary assembly meets once a year and consists of all principal investigators of the RTG, two doctoral researchers, and the coordinator.

Thesis committee

The thesis committee is selected by the respective doctoral researcher. It supports the doctoral researcher in case of any difficulties during the thesis term and develops solutions. The Ombuds Process for doctoral researchers and supervisors of the University of Freiburg is involved, if serious conflicts should arise.


The coordinator is responsible for fund organization, organizational questions and administrative tasks of the RTG. The coordinator guarantees compliance with the guidelines of the RTG, records the current project status and is the contact person for all curriculum-related matters of the doctoral researchers providing support for any questions.


The compliance with the high quality standards of the RTG is controlled and ensured at different levels. In addition to written evaluations of the courses, also round-table discussions in the context of symposia, retreats or summer schools with the participation of doctoral researchers, the principal investigators and guest scientists take place. An evaluation report summarizes all quality-related issues and is discussed in the plenary assembly.