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Equality Policies

A well-balanced workforce is indispensable to promote innovation in science. Thus, fostering gender equality and work-life balance are guiding principles of the RTG.

The University of Freiburg hast implemented a variety of measures to enforce the development of modern gender equality structures and a better compability of career and family, to support young female scientists and to strengthen gender equality work in science. The doctoral researchers of the RTG will benefit of the services offered by:


 The RTG offers a flexible and tailored family support to enable high-quality consistent research:

  • Doctoral researchers are eligible for childcare services of the university and the Studierendenwerk
  • During times of pregnancy and breast-feeding when experimental activities in hazardous laboratory environments are restricted by law, the RTG offers adequate support
  • During maternity/parental leave, the doctoral researcher is kept up to date about the RTG activities by means of the RTG distribution list
  • Lecture series and seminars are provided in family-friendly times during regular childcare opening hours
  • Support of stays abroad of breast-feeding mothers
  • Individual coaching sessions for personal career planning


For any questions, please contact the coordinator of the RTG.