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Unusual ammonium transporters

Two PhD positions in the the Andrade group, located at the Institute for Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy (, which will focus on investigating the structure and function of ammonium transport proteins.

Applications are welcome at any time and will be accepted until all positions are filled. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.


We look for highly motivated and creative students with strong interest in ion transport membrane proteins. We offer an excellent opportunity to engage into an exciting PhD project that combines biochemical, biophysical and structural biology tools to investigate how ammonium transport (Amt) proteins function in ion transport and signal transduction events, in the context of a dynamic and enthusiastic work environment, with state-of-the-art equipment and various chances for national and international scientific collaborations.

The selected students will typically clone, purify, reconstitute protein in proteoliposomes, carry out electrophysiology experiments, characterize proteoliposomes by freeze-fracture TEM or cryo-EM and solve the three-dimensional structure of interesting variants. Preference will be given to students that had previous experience with protein purification and (eventually) electrophysiology techniques.


For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Susana Andrade.

Applications should be sent to